About Us

The D’Entrecasteaux Coalition

The D’Entrecasteaux Coalition was established 30 years ago to raise public awareness about the initial application to explore for mineral sands in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park and subsequent mining lease applications adjacent to Yoondadadup Lake Jasper within the D’Entrecasteaux National Park.

Member Organisations

  • Denmark Environment Centre
  • Warren Environment Group
  • Undalup Association
  • South West Environment Centre
  • Margaret River Regional Environment Centre
  • Busselton Dunsborough Environment Centre
  • South Coast Environment Group
  • WAFA
  • Wilderness Society WA

Our actions include:

    • Public outreach programs aimed at disseminating information about the social and cultural importance and ecological magnificence of the D’Entrecasteaux National Park and the likely impacts of any proposed mine.


    • Establish liaison with local Aboriginal groups, Members of Parliament and local community groups to promote the protection of Yoondadadup Lake Jasper and the Gingilup-Jasper Wetland ecosystem


    • Lobby the proponent, Strategic Sands P/L- a wholly owned subsidiary of Strategic Energy Resources Ltd – to withdraw the mining lease given the significant dangers such a mine poses to the Gingilup-Jasper Wetlands and Lake Jasper.


    • Research and prepare submissions to relevant organisations and campaign through the media to highlight concerns about mining next to Yoondadadup Lake Jasper


    • Campaigning on the broader issue of mining in National Parks.


    • Fundraising to finance these activities.


There is much to be done so if you require more information or would like to get involved to save our National Parks please contact our office.

Office Phone Number 08 9848 1644